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Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy 

Our cancellation policy runs in two tiers. 

One situation is when the cancellation is done by you, as an individual buyer. The other situation is when zamayra.com has to cancel one of your orders under extreme circumstances. The policies regarding both these are different from one another and have been listed out for your convenience.

1. When cancellation is done by a customer

There are certain situations where customers realize that they wish to cancel an already placed order. If the cancellation procedure is done within the first 10 hours of the order being placed, or before we have started to process the order, we are willing to retract the order for your convenience.

For any cancellation done after the goods are packaged and ready to be shipped, the cancellation will not be allowed.

2. When cancellation is done by Pepko.in

On unavoidable accounts, we may have to cancel an order placed by you. This is only under circumstances that cannot be avoided. 

A few of these situations have been listed below:

  1. When the product runs out of stock, we will not be able to process your order. However, you will be notified when we restock that particular product, and a new order can be placed.
  2. Our product descriptions and promotions are done directly by us to make sales. In case any discrepancy is suspected with respect to false promotions, we will retract your order. The inaccuracies will be corrected at the earliest through our backend team, allowing you to place a new order as soon as possible.
  3. When you provide us with a delivery address, ensure that it is extensive. Without sufficient information, we may not be able to reach the desired location, in which case the order will get cancelled.
  4. There are certain locations that we do not have the provision to deliver to yet. For such locations, we may cancel your order. You will be updated when we will start serving your area. 


The time frame within which you should replace or return the item?

You must raise a replacement or return request within 48 hours of delivery. After 48 hours, no goods will qualify for a replacement claim

Refund Eligibility

The request for a refund can only be initiated if your product fulfils the eligibility criteria based on the following terms -
If the product is torn/ not in the state as promised/ 
If the wrong product has been delivered.
If any form of manufacturing defect is noticed in the product.

When will the refund take place? 

It usually takes seven working days for us to process the details once we receive the package from you. You will receive an email informing you as to the progress of this report and the refund will be made through online mode into your bank account.

It is mandatory to produce the original invoice while requesting a refund. 


The orders are dispatched within a day of being placed. 

Depending upon the delivery location, the order may take 1-2 days for getting delivered.  

Our products are delivered by DTDC, therefore the guidelines, terms and conditions laid by them will be considered for the duration of delivery, cancellation and refund.